When you are planning to purchase a house for yourself, the most essential factor to ensure is whether your community is gated or not. There are several advantages of a Gated Community. And it becomes vital that you choose a gated community for yourself.

Advantages of a Gated Community
Advantages of a Gated Community

What is a gated community?

First, let us look into the overview of a Gated Community. It is a residential area whose characteristic feature is stringent entrances and exits. It is surrounded by fences, walls or other means of securing a perimeter.

The entrances in this community are very strict. They are maintained for pedestrians, bicycles and automobiles travelling in and out of the community.

What are the different features of a gated community?

Now, let us look into the different features of a Gated Community, which help in a better definition of it.

  • Security features: The entire community is surrounded by gates, walls and other means of securing a perimeter. Therefore, a close watch is maintained to ensure optimum security in the area.
  • Privacy features: Since there is always supervision on who is entering and leaving the perimeter, optimum protection and limited access, privacy in a gated community is highly maintained.
  • Facilities and amenities: Since there is limited access to immense security, most of the required amenities and facilities are provided inside the community area. It includes a golfing area, swimming pools, parks, and the like.

What are the advantages of a gated community?

Now comes the most important topic: what are the advantages of a Gated Community? The following list puts forth the various benefits of a gated community.

  • Impeccable safety and security: With constant supervision, and strict security measures all over the community, one does not have to worry even a little about their security and safety inside a gated community.
  • Optimum privacy: Since there is limited access, and it is one of the significant features of a gated community, the perimeter’s privacy is high and equally maintained.
  • Higher property value: Properties that include a proper gated system have a great [property value in the present-day market. Therefore, when you are a part of a gated community, you ensure a higher property value for yourself. Thus, if you need to sell the property or give it on rent, you can receive quite a heavy sum from it.
  • Easy availability of amenities and facilities: Another essential characteristic of a gated community is its various amenities and facilities inside it. A gated community might include a park, swimming pool, golf area, even a shopping mall. Therefore, living in a gated community gives easy access to life’s different amenities and facilities.
  • Eco-friendly lifestyle: We must start taking care of the environment and, at the same time, live the lifestyle we have always dreamt about. And that is possible with the help of the gated communities. The gated communities comprise the area maintained to be eco-friendly and, thus, remarkable not just for you but even for the environment.
  • Best place for the children: It often becomes difficult to find an appropriate and safe park for children. And at the same time, we all are aware of how important it is for children to enjoy themselves and play. Thus, it becomes a lot easier for the children to play in gated communities. Additionally, due to the strict security measures and eco-friendly nature of the community, the gated communities have become one of the safest and the best places for children to play and enjoy.

What are the gated communities in India?

You can find numerous gated communities in India. It is mainly in the big cities and people who live in the middle-class and the upper-class especially live in these gated neighbourhoods. Places like Noida, Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai, have a large number of gated communities in India.

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