The region around Delhi NCR is one of the fastest-growing regions in India due to several factors. It includes high-class physical infrastructure and luxury jobs. Just like Delhi, Noida is also a planned city. If you are looking to purchase properties in Delhi, Greater Noida and Noida might have attracted you. Living in the Noida region will offer you several convention centres, enormous job offers, and a fast-growing airport coming up in the neighbourhood. Moreover, the government is also looking to develop Noida as a hub. So, if you are looking to invest your money, you can Invest in Noida.

Invest in Noida
Invest in Noida

Emerging locations to Invest in Noida

There are multiple locations in Noida where you can invest your money to expect quality returns.

Near Jewar Airport

The area around Jewar airport has recently grown to become a prime attraction for investors. Though the price of real estate lands and buildings in the Noida and the Greater Noida region is affordable now, once the Jewar Airport becomes operational, it will undoubtedly reach sky-touching limits. Thus, for the investment of money, it is wise to Invest in Noida; the regions near the Jewar airport can be an optimum choice for you.

Noida, Sector 162

Being located on the Greater Noida Expressway, sector 162 is a hotspot for investors and home buyers. The structure of this entire area is planned so that eighty% of the six hundred acres of land is reserved for greenery, twenty per cent of land is reserved for construction purposes and forty-two acres of land is distributed for building social activity places like parks, gardens, etc. The plot is situated on the Faridabad-Ghaziabad highway and the Yamuna expressway in terms of connectivity. The location also offers access to other regions of Delhi and Noida through bus, auto and metro.

Noida, Sector 142-149

The region between sectors 142-149 is also considered a fast-growing micro-market that connects Delhi to Greater Noida through the expressway. According to realty studies, the location is a hub for several IT companies like Xavient, Indiamart, Global Logic and an educational institution like the Amity. Moreover, the government is also looking for areas to build a financial centre. Once it becomes operational, this sector will soon deliver huge rental incomes. Being one of the wealthiest locations in Delhi, we feel lucky to have plots in Sector 143 because this place will be a trending place in India soon.

Why should I invest in Noida real Estate?

While Greater Noida and Noida are developing very quickly, you have several reasons to invest in that location.

Return on Investment

Greater Noida and Noida hold the ability to offer a great return on investment for the type of developments that are taking place. There are significant price differences between Gurgaon and Noida; however, with growing physical infrastructures and increased opportunities, the price difference will be reduced very sharply. It might be the best time for the investors to Invest in Noida.

Increasing job demands

Nowadays, Noida and Greater Noida are offering a plethora of jobs. Moreover, with the development of metro lines, the IT companies will find great opportunities to set up their offices on the Yamuna and greater Noida expressways.

Property Investment in Noida

It is pretty standard for people to invest in properties in Noida. With growing amenities and well-designed infrastructure, Noida is growing to become a quality livable city in India. The city offers numerous residential options for corporate people as well as families. Therefore, it is a great option to invest in the properties in Noida.

Final Words

With the increasing demand for the properties, the price of real estate will rise very soon in Noida and Greater Noida. Although there is a marked difference between different cities of Delhi NCR, the real estate of Noida is yet to grow. Thus, if you are looking to invest, I suggest people Invest in Noida.

Deepak Gupta

Mr. Deepak Gupta has been recognized for delivering Real Estate Excellence through holding a crucial management position in DLC besides holding the reins of Suryaa Divine Homes Pvt. Ltd as CMD. The gamut of his expertise spans varied verticals including the Real Estate sector, Retail sector, Metal Industry and many more. A visionary and a facilitator of success, he is a certified Real Estate Professional from National Association of Realtors (India).