With a vast stretch of over 29 kilometers covering Uttar Pradesh, the Yamuna Expressway has become a popular destination for residential and commercial property investments. The two-side, six-lane highway is expected to connect Delhi with Agra, the storehouse of famous monuments like the Agra Fort and the Taj Mahal. Besides being closer to the famous tourist landmarks, there are several other reasons why you must invest in plots or lands near the Yamuna expressway. If you have any plans to invest your money, it will be wise to invest in Yamuna Expressway properties to receive significant returns after some time.

Best Investment Hotspot
Best Investment Hotspot

Investing in the YEIDA project

YEIDA, the short name of Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority, is expected to become one of the largest industrial hubs shortly. The number of industrialists showing their interest, both from within and outside the country, in creating hype for the investments in the YEIDA plots.

With more than 1500 industrialists investing in the YEIDA project, more than crores of money are hovering over the plot of land. Investors have already started building their projects by investing so much money. Also, it is expected to employ more than two lakhs people.

VIVO has already set up its manufacturing unit in sector 24 of the YEIDA project, which is expected to begin its mobile phone production within a few months. Also, with the growth of the Jewar airport shortly, it is expected to attract more industrialists very soon.

Best Investment Hotspot – Plots near the Jewar Airport

If you plan to invest your funds in real estate, the plots near the Jewar airport can be an excellent option. In recent years, residential and commercial properties near the Jewar airport have been increasing due to the popularity and connectivity of the site.

Although, there is the Delhi airport which controls flights from different parts of the world. Yet, with the growth of the Jewar airport, it is a pivot for more numerous residential and commercial industrialists. Therefore, investing in Jewar is always an excellent option for investing your funds in residential and commercial plots.

Regarding the residential plots, the costs per square foot of land have increased from 15000 rupees to nearly 28000 rupees, just due to the announcement of the construction of the Jewar airport. If you can get a plot near the Jewar airport soon, you can create some enormous assets of the highest value shortly.

Film city near the Jewar Airport

The proposed film city near the Jewar airport is set to boost the property prices in the Yamuna Expressway, Greater Noida, and places near Noida. According to the government’s statements, more than 1000 acres of land have been allotted for developing the new film city along sector 21 in Gautam Budh Nagar.

The proposed plan of the Film city is also reviving the lost demands of the residential and commercial plots, which were suppressed due to the pandemic outbreak. Therefore, if you wish to invest in properties or real estate, you can try your luck and make a chance to invest in the lands near the film city, which will be structured very soon.


Thus, we can understand that the areas near the hotspots of the Yamuna expressway are the best places for investing funds. The film city, the YEIDA development authority, and the Jewar international airport have boosted the commercial and residential lands. The plots in Noida and Greater Noida have also been the Best Investment Hotspot for investments. Therefore, look for residential locations near the Yamuna Expressway, which can be a worthwhile investment. Are you planning to invest in Noida? Search for areas near the Jewar airport or the Yeida soon.

Deepak Gupta

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