A well-structured and luxury farmhouse has become a necessity for people. After all, the house or farmhouse is where we feel a sense of ourselves. Not only this, but it holds many emotions and memories. However, buying land and constructing a building has some essential rules. These rules are known as the art of Vastu Shastra or Vastu Shastra Tips for Farm House

The meaning of Vastu Shastra is that someone constructs a house that brings health, wealth, happiness, wisdom, and prosperity to the people living there. Various scholars and saints defined the significance of Vastu Shastra. In fact, in this technological era, the importance and vitality of this Shastra have not vanished.

Meaning of Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra is an art that connects the five forces of nature- water, fire, air, earth, and space. According to many, these forces control our living style and the primary aspects of life like luck, health, and wealth. Vastu means the house. It has some principles and theories. For instance, we have to abide by a few Governmental rules while constructing a house or building. Similarly, our ancestors implemented Vastu Shastra while planning the construction. Vastu is a science that has a strong relationship with Vastu application and success. You will find the reference of Vastu Shastra in Vedic Shastra. Vastu is dependent on directions that you cannot change. Therefore, this fact signifies the permanency and validity of this entire Vastu concept. It works as a binding force that brings nature, humans, and material into one frame.

Vastu Shastra for Farmhouse

Due to the above facts, people rely on Vastu Shastra and its various principles. Many people prefer to stay connected with nature. That is why they build farmhouses by considering multiple farmhouse Vastu points. They do so to feel relaxed and stay away from the hustle-bustle of cities and daily life.

However, if you do not follow some Vastu tips for farmhouses, it might not offer you the best results. So, do you know those tips? If not, go through the below segment and construct your coveted farmhouse by considering them.

Vastu Shastra Tips for Farm House
Vastu Shastra Tips for Farm House
  • Tip 1: Many people often select farmhouse locations without considering their direction. The approach is incorrect as you need to choose a plot with a road towards the south. Besides this, the chief building is preferable in the Southwest, South, or West of the plot, according to the Vastu Shastra. 
  • Tip 2: You should pick a plot that has a flat surface. You also need to check whether the slope of the plot faces North-East or not. Therefore, while choosing, consider this and never buy a land with a slope towards South-West and South.
  • Tip 3: Apart from the above, another crucial Vastu Shastra tip for a farmhouse is that you need to choose and purchase land in a rectangular or square shape. It is auspicious and offers prosperity.
  • Tip 4: According to Vastu Shastra, water plays a dominant role in emotion. Therefore, people should select a Luxury farm house land that has a water flow in the North-East direction. It is so because it offers calmness and mental peace.
  • Tip 5: Another vital tip is to avoid plots with a well or water source in the South. It is so because it results in loss of wealth and happiness.
  • Tip 6: In addition to these, you should set up an aquarium or fish pond in the Northern direction and build an animal shelter in the North West. Besides these, you should avoid buying land with mountains in the East and North direction.


Hence, abide by these farmhouses Vastu Shastra tips while purchasing land and constructing your farmhouse. All these will help you bring wealth, happiness, and prosperity that everyone longs for.

Deepak Gupta

Mr. Deepak Gupta has been recognized for delivering Real Estate Excellence through holding a crucial management position in DLC besides holding the reins of Suryaa Divine Homes Pvt. Ltd as CMD. The gamut of his expertise spans varied verticals including the Real Estate sector, Retail sector, Metal Industry and many more. A visionary and a facilitator of success, he is a certified Real Estate Professional from National Association of Realtors (India).