Vastu has a significant part in Indian society, and many homeowners decide on their home architect based on Vastu. It is an Indian Vedic system to build a spiritual, psychological, and spiritual environment in the house. Vastu is a Sanskrit word that means ‘dwelling.’ You should build a house by conforming to the guidelines of Vastu. It will ensure happiness, peace, wealth, and health in the life of the family members. Creating positive vibes helps avoid depression, disease, or any disaster. You have landed on the right page if you are also looking for Vastu Tips for Positive Energy. We will discuss some Vastu tips for your house to make it a happy place for all the members.

Vastu Tips for Positive Energy
Vastu Tips for Positive Energy

Wind Chimes

Hanging a wind chime in your abode is believed to dispel all the negative energies and increase the positive energy in the home. The soothing sound of tinkling chimes breaks the negative energy pattern and propels positive energy flow.

You can hang wind chimes at any part of your house that is open and gets the natural wind. Also, consider placing them at your door. Never put them between the four walls, as they will not tinkle often.


A clean doorway is the most salient point for Vastu Tips for Positive Energy. For any homeowner, it is crucial to have a clean doorway to prevent any negative energy from coming into the house. So, make sure your doorway is neat and clean always. The doorway needs to be cleaned and kept tidy to Bring Positive Energy into the Home. Vastu emphasizes cleanliness. Hence make sure you do not live around a mess.

Sea Salt

As per Vastu, sea salt is a healer, and if you keep them in your house, it can absorb the negative energy of the house. The best place to keep them in the house is a corner. Take sea salt in a bowl and keep it in the corner of your residence. You can also take sea salt in various bowls and keep it in other corners. 

Idols and Pictures

To attract positive energy in the home, you can keep an idol or picture of any God you believe in. Idols and pictures of God create a positive cosmic field in the house and dispel all the negativity from the life of the family members. Keep the idol or picture of God in a sacred place in your home. It would be disrespectful to them if they are kept recklessly in the house and vitiate the purpose of getting them.

Lord Ganesha
Lord Ganesha

Smell Good

The fragrance is also a crucial Vastu Shastra Tip for Farm House or a happy home. The fragrance can uplift the dwellers’ mood with its good smell. There are many options available in the market for giving a pleasant home fragrance. Earth lamps, incense sticks, air diffusers, etc., are prominent options for your house. You can also use candles for the smell. They give good fragrance and act as cleansers, and remove all the negativity from life.

Lemons in Water

Lemons in water are also a great option to dispel all the negative energy from the house. You can cut the lemons into slices and keep them in a jug full of water. Make sure you change the water and lemon slice every Saturday for the most benefit. You can keep the jug anywhere in your abode. Just make sure no one uses the water by mistake.

Final Words

These were some Vastu Tips for Positive Energy in your house. If you do all these things cumulatively, you will soon start seeing the changes in your life and mental peace. Following these Vastu tips can bring positive vibes into your life.

Deepak Gupta

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